We Hate Verizon

Written: 01-May-12 By: Matthew F.

Here is the complaint against Verizon that my wife just submitted on our behalf. Needless to say, we hate Verizon!

I have been a verizon customer for at least 10 years. I was a very satisfied customer for most of those years. In the fall of 2011, that changed dramatically. I switched to a Pantech Breakthrough, which is the worst phone I have ever used. I was not told that I had to have a $30.00 data package in order to operate the phone. I was given only 14 days to determine whether or not I liked the phone. I went from a standard basic phone to this awful phone and was told I had to "get used to it". So, I missed my time frame for exchanging the phone. Now I am stuck with a horrendous phone that hangs up on people all the time, mutes people, won't give me a screen to touch to try and get the call back, dials people without me wanting to dial them. And I can't get rid of the data plan which I don't use. I don't download apps, I don't use the internet. I don't even use it to play music but I have to pay $30.00 a month and I cannot downgrade without buying another phone.
 In addition, at the time I bought this phone (as part of a family plan with my husband who was transferring over from Sprint), we were incorrectly informed that our single unlimited text plan would cover both of our phones, we were not informed of the one month plan transfer fee and we were not informed that my pictures would be automatically uploaded to Google instead of being resident on my phone. Finally, we were told we needed to go to a Verizon store to get the military discount applied to our account (we purchased the phones at Best Buy).
 We are now reviewing our options including registering formal complaints against your company and unless these issues are resolved, you can be sure that our next cell phone provider will not be Verizon and we will inform as many people as possible of your poor service and business policies.

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