Nightly Words of Wisdom

Written: 21-Sep-12 By: Matthew F.

Here are some words of wisdom I have passed down to my son when I put him to bed:

1) Be careful of who you choose as friends, they are a reflection of you!

2) If you don't like the situation you are in, do something to change it!

3) The most important thing to invest in is yourself.

4) You don't know everything-make sure to ask for help.

5) Take care of your body, it is the only one you have.

6) If it is worth taking the time to do something, it is worth doing it right.

7) The amount of effort necessary to achieve perfection can be enormous, learn to find the right balance between perfect and good enough.

8) Don't smoke. It is addictive, bad for your health and a waste of money.

9) Learn how to swim. You never know when you could end up in the water.

10) Often the most valuable team member is the quiet one that just gets their job done.

11) There are an infinite number of things to do with your life so there are an infinite number of things to be number 1 in. Pick one you love and become the best in the world!

12) Make sure to brush and floss your teeth. You should do everything you can to keep your original teeth intact.

13) Do something active every day you can. You will live longer and feel better if you are physically fit.

14) When you interview for a job, determining if you enjoy working with and respect your co-workers is as important if not more important than liking the job you will do.

15) Enjoy every day like it is your last, but save money for retirement like you will live forever!

16) Travel inside and outside the country at least a little bit. Seeing other cultures and their quality of life brings tremendous perspective on what we have in the United States.

17) Always have a backup plan. You will not succeed at everything you do, but how you handle defeat defines whether you are successful in life.

18) Break up big tasks into small parts so you don't get paralyzed by the size of the task and can get a feeling of accomplishment when you complete each part.

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